Here are some photos. The first three are from a show I attended. The last three are from my redbug which needs a motor wheel and a restoration.

A little history about my Redbug:

My Grandfather obtained my Auto Redbug from a wealthy estate owner on Long Ilsand, NY. It was being used by the Estate owners Son. When obtained it was missing the motor wheel.

My Great Grandfather configured a Sachs moped enging onto the Redbug. He also added lights and an emergency brake from a Ford Model T to enable the Redbug to be street legal. In high gear the Redbug would obtain a top speed of 10 mph.

During World War II my Father and Grandfather went on an 800 mile trip through upstate NY. During WWII the speed limit was 35mph. After the War the Redbug was taken off the road. My father drove the Redbug around his home (examine picture on homepage). When my father turned 16 he licensed the Redbug, but found that driving it was too dangerous due to increased traffic speeds.

My father went away to college and the Redbug was left on the front porch of my Grandfathers house. In 1995 my Grandfather passed away and I was given the Redbug.

I am torn between leaving the Redbug as is, or restoring it to original condition. If I do decide to restore the Redbug I will need to obtain a motor wheel!

If you would like to share any information about the Redbug or the Smith Motor Wheel please contact me at

Redbug with motor wheel.
Restored Redbug at local show
Getting ready to start Redbug My redbug with Model T headlights
My Redbug with Sachs Engine Original seats, a little weathered

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